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Portfolio Supercharging Begins on April 1st, 2008...

ETF Profit Driver GIVEAWAY!

Dear Trader,

I have a surprise for you!

We’re getting real close to the big release day of Tuesday, April 1st, when I finally open up the doors to my ETF Profit Driver home study course.

And to celebrate the release of this course, I’m going to give away the FIRST official copy that arrives from the printers next week. I will also cover shipping & handling to anywhere in the world.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this!

I did this last year when I released another one of my courses and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, so I thought I’d do it again.

Here’s how to win…

Just leave a reply below and answer these two questions:

  1. WHY are you interested in trading the markets in the first place? What will the potential money that you make ultimately do for your lifestyle?
  2. HOW do you think supercharging your portfolio with ETFs will help you?

That’s it! Be sure to include your full name and primary email so I can contact you in case you win.

The deadline is Saturday, March 29th, 2008, at noon eastern time (New York Time).

I’ll pick a winner based on what I think is the best response to those questions, and I’ll announce that winner Saturday night.

Be sure to check back Saturday to see who the big winner is! Good luck, everybody!

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

226 Responses to “ETF Profit Driver GIVEAWAY!”

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  1. 226
    Arthur Christian Says:

    I am an experienced day trader of the full and miniSP futures market; I am transistioning to the 4x markets

  2. 225
    Andrew D. Lane Says:

    I love ETF’s, they tend not to be impacted bysporadic news events as much and usually they are a good average composite of what you think are. Then tend to bring not many surprises, as stock; but they are tradeable like stock. Because of this and the fact, their are so many that their charts can be scanned to find the one in the optimal position for any week, as well as their tendency to trend; I believe ETF Profit Driver would be a natural success.

    Since ETF are fairly inexpensive to buy and can add or substract shares to start out with the right amount of risk as one graduates from papertrading to up to a full-time trader.

    Hence; I am excited about such a trading strategy and would love to be granted it free.

  3. 224
    Chris Worrall Says:

    Over the past few years I have done most of my wealth creation in property. The property market has provided me with substantial equity and as a result I am looking to diversify and have multiple wealth creation stategies in place.

    Investing in ETF’s will provide me with cashflow and lifestyle to live the life that I WANT and also provide substantial casflow which I can then utilise to create another wealth creation ’stream’.

    To this point in time I have built a substantial property portfolio, however I have sacrificed my lifestyle to a certain extent. I now have the means to keep my portfolio, watch it grow and utilise some of the growth to now provide me with my desired way of life, through ETF’s.

    I am a person who utilises the philosophy that you learn how to do something, become successful at it and then teach others how they too can ride the wave of success.

  4. 223
    Leonard Whitfield Says:

    After investing for several years and went through the tech boom, after leaving my work I deceided to look into trading as an income source rather than going through stress in IT. I have read several books on technical analysis and frequently look through magazines as well as website services. Though I made minimal profit, I still have not been able to define a strategy/plan to follow with steady profit. During the year, ETFs has frequently been discussed and various ETFs are constantly being added as well as suggested for investing based on current market conditions. I have tried a few, and like the ability to go short( have profited several times using Ultrashort ETFs). From references, they are often suggested for swing trades. I am presently looking for material for following a methodology with ETFs. (ex. I recently saw reference to seminar by Toni Turner in April and courses listed by Van Tharp specifically on profiting with ETFs but are only available at distant locations; for this reason I would be very interested in the material you are supplying).

  5. 222
    Lenuhec Says:

    First I would like to thank you, Bill, for your kind offer. I’m not really counting on being the lucky one, since I’m also sure there are more needy or greedy than me (my vote goes for needy :) ), but here are my reasons and answers anyway.

    Trading following a stable and profitable system would help me start living calm and quality life with my family and friends after I reach certain amount (don’t have millions in mind :) ). And I really think I would be able and glad to put few more smiles on faces of people I care about. I strongly believe that world can be much nicer place if we had more time and compassion for each other, but unfortunately it is also connected with money. Earning money in a standard way for average living is simply becoming much too expensive (if you value other things more than money) :)
    That is also why I’m trading forex.

    We would all be living in a much nicer world if we had more happy individuals in it… :)

  6. 221
    David Says:

    1. WHY are you interested in trading the markets in the first place? What will the potential money that you make ultimately do for your lifestyle?

    To get an income stream that I can use to finance my retirement, finance my business, support those in need and be able to enjoy the life of the wealthy.

    2. HOW do you think supercharging your portfolio with ETFs will help you?

    I am not sure, but I look forward to finding out.

  7. 220
    Thomas Frye Says:

    I have always been facinated with the market. I wanted to know what drives it and how the people making the large sums of money do it. At one level I would like to make the kind of money that would allow financial freedom, at another level I would like to be able to do it help others who are interested in doing the same. I suppose I like the intellectual game that is being played in the market by all the players big and small. Its like everyone is trying to outguess the others. Obviously some have the upper hand. I would hope that I could gain some greater level of leverage by trading ETFs with Profit Driver.

    Last year some ETFs made some oustanding gains, such as EWZ, EWC and now GLD still is. Great funds to be in on and to have the vehicle to ride those trends would be a blessing. I would use the additional gains as I do now, contribute to gospel ministries like and, help mother with her needs, show my two sons how to invest / save wisely by example, take a mcdougall trip to Costa Rica with my wonderful wife and keep adding to a retirement fund.

    ETFs seem to be some strongly trending funds so they appear to have the potential for providing an increased return in the short term as well as long term. I bought some GLD a couple months ago so I’ve seen what being in the right ETF can do. It would be great to be able to find the winners and profit from them on a long term basis to boost return and income. It would be a blessing to have the ETF Profit Finder to use personally. Thanks for making the opportunity to show us how.

  8. 219
    Rudolf Stroessenreuther Says:

    I do think that the ETF driver will help me to make a better choice of selecting my portfolio

    The Money I will make from it will further my life style

  9. 218
    Brian Jones Says:

    I follow ‘big money’ and ‘insiders’ stock buying and selling using options. I trade the markets primarily for income which allows me to both minimise my time committment to the markets and provides the flexibility to enjoy a better lifestyle. (I invest in real estate for capital growth because there is less volatility, high leverage, ability to compound your investment with no margin calls.) To date I have not traded ETF’s but I’m very interested in doing so as they seem ideal for trading industry group rotation trends without being susceptible to individual stock volatility. This provides an added alternative for when the market as a whole becomes volatile where options can be either traded directionally or used as ‘insurance’.

  10. 217
    Paul Says:

    to be honest i dont even know what etf’s are… i am looking into investing options as i believe my income wont be sufficient to raise a family in the future… i still havent found or understood any method to a degree in which i could earn money with… i dont have a portfolio at all abut am willing to learn about this method. the package looks like a good one and could really help me out in my mission to invest later this year.

  11. 216
    Hollis B. Logan Says:

    I am an investor that wants to enlarge my portfolio so the I am able to pass on to my children and grandchildren as large an estate as possible. I am investing in my revocable trust that I set up to facilitate the passage of my estate to my children without probate proceedings. A fine thing to say for an old attorney.

    With the present economic status I believe that EFT’s will be the best avenue to pursue to accomplish my goals.

  12. 215
    Carol Shank Says:

    My marriage is ending and I need to learn to manage my own investments and to generate an income for myself. I am trying to educate myself to b ecome a successful investor. I believe ETFs maY be the direction I should focus on.

    Thank you for the information you have provided here.

  13. 214
    Michael Coffey Says:

    I have been forced out of employment in my late fifties. I need to provide income to my family and secure retirement, without being at the mercy of corporate failures.

  14. 213
    Landon Says:

    I am extremely passionate about trading regular stocks and now I am ready to dive into trading ETF’s. I know that learning to trade ETF’s will give me an additional edge in the markets. I truly love to trade, but right now I can only do it part time because I am trying to build up enough money to eventually do it full time. Trading full time is my ultimate goal. I will achieve it and I hope that this ETF course will help me do just that. I am an engineer currently, but I want to become a full time trader because it is what I truly love to do and it will ultimately give me the financial freedom and extra time to spend with my family. I work long hours at my current engineering job and do not get to see my family much. So I know that supercharging my portfolio by learning to trade ETF’s properly will eventually allow me to trade full time and have all the free time that I need to spend with my family because they are the most important part of my life. I will also be able to give money back to my community and my church with the financial freedom that I will get from trading full time.

    Thanks so much,


  15. 212
    Jafli Yusop Says:

    WHY are you interested in trading the markets in the first place? What will the potential money that you make ultimately do for your lifestyle?

    Answer: I’m sick of my new boss, and I want to learn skills that I can pass on to my children. I don’t have lofty dreams of becoming filthy rich, but I do want to get out of this rat race that I’m currently stuck in.

    HOW do you think supercharging your portfolio with ETFs will help you?

    Answer: ETF’s have several things going for it that other regular stocks don’t have….

    1) Most of them have a life of their own, not dependent too much on the whims and fancies of the broader market
    2) Not affected by Earnings release or some other stock specific related events and news.

  16. 211
    pat chandler Says:

    I am a pensioner and have always traded in small amounts as a hobby. Making extra money would enablr me to do things like travek, hobbies etc. that I am unable to afford from my current income. I have not looked too closely at ETFs until recently and would love to discover ways of investing in this instrument to improve my returns.

  17. 210
    russ Says:

    i think you should give because you want to give, and not make it a competition of needy or bragging altruism.
    lets keep it real. i would gratefully recieve your gift as a gift

    thank you for wanting to bless other


  18. 209
    Paul Says:

    I`m now disabled and retired. I`m constantly looking for new ways to invest and make a constant living. I like the idea of ETFs as they are a way to trade and still be diversified without buying individual stocks. I`m looking forward to seeing if this new system is right for me.

  19. 208
    darren sieben Says:

    Trading the markets successfully will no doubt enhance my lifestyle! I admit that I do not know all that much about ETF’S although I have heard from professional traders that they can be very lucrative and that to me is very appealing and I am interested in learning more about them, and incorporating them into my portfolio of investments.

  20. 207
    Mike Says:

    This looks like a golden opportunity to supplement my income… perhaps even provide an exit from the rat race. I am excited about the prospect of financial independence.

  21. 206
    Ed Glacy Says:

    I already trade ETFs and the money will do nothing for my lifestyle.While I trade the ETFs since they are the only thing to trade in this market that makes any sense Iam always open to learn new things about trading .While Iv traded many years Iam still learning as that never ends.

  22. 205
    Ingrid Mueller Says:

    One morning I received a call from my financial planner who told me that the market had turned down and I had a substantial loss. She told me not to worry, someday I would recoup those losses.
    I could not fathom that she could not see evidence of a downturn which led me on the journey of learning how to invest for myself.
    I have been very frustrated in that attempt.
    When I read about ETF’s I realized that this would be the way to have liquidity and potential for substantial returns.
    My hearts’ desire is to be a successful trader in order to realize my dreams of giving back. I would have the freedom and resources to help my family and loved ones, to live my passion and to give back in a huge way.
    As a nurse, I have found a product that is restoring health and I intend to give the product away to those in need.

  23. 204
    Ted Hearn Says:

    I would love to be in a position to finance my grandchildren through university and now that I am retired trading is the only possible way I can achieve this dream

  24. 203
    Robert Says:

    preparing for retirement looking at investment options that are possibly more secure than mutual funds

  25. 202
    tom Says:

    I am a pensioner looking to supplement my income, maybe ETFs can help

  26. 201
    Pancho Alcon Says:

    I am interested in trading the markets because I have heard that ETF’s provide a great opportunity to earn profits safer and easier than through mutual funds. The expenses are less and they trade like stocks and thus you can get in and out rather easily. The funds are set up like sectors and so you would be investing in the best of that sector instead of just one stock or company.

    Investing in ETF’s shoudl boost the profitability of my portfolio to more than what I have been earning through mutual funds. I look forward to learning the secrets of how to invest and make money in ETF’s.

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